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Flexibility of our colleagues during this pandemic

27 May 2020

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic Intero was asked to inspect a 12 inch 13,700 meters pipeline in Taipei, Taiwan. That time there were still a lot of unknown issues regarding COVID-19 development, quarantine and the ease of traveling once arrived in Taiwan.

After a second request from our client to mobilize to Taiwan; an extensive risk assessment was made and the team was gathered. Two brave engineers started the visa requests and working permit procedure. Within one week the crew was ready for departure.

In the airport, our inspection team was not sure traveling to Taiwan or to the moon. The crew of the airline was wearing special suits that it was hard to believe that they only went to Taiwan. It seemed more a NASA-flight.... Also the food served during the flight was similar of a moon-expedition.

Once arrived in Taiwan the crew was transported to their quarantine hotel. In Taiwan, a 14 days of quarantine is obligatory before traveling/working. Quarantine ends within 5 days and the engineers needs to be tested 3 times negative to start the job.

Good luck guys and thanks for your commitment and flexibility!