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Winner of the Gold Award Q4 is Alexandru Vidan

31 January 2022

Due to the tireless commitment of this winner, we finally got some time in his agenda last week between 2 trips to present the Q4 Gold Award! Alexandru is the well-deserved winner of the Gold Award as he contributed to quite some challenging projects in the Middle East operating as a Furnace inspection engineer and ILI data analysts at the same time. His attitude, efficiency, quality work, availability always and flexibility are much appreciated.

Listening to Customers: He has always gone the extra mile to listen to demanding customer requirements and keep them satisfied. With his exceptional performance as an inspection engineer and data analyst, we managed to win back difficult customers in Qatar.

Striving for Excellence: Alex always delivers improved service offerings. Customers are extremely satisfied as he always provides furnace reports within a short time of 6- 8hrs with improved coverage and adapts to client-specific reporting format sometimes even working overtime to deliver on time,

Believing in Flexibility: He is flexible to meet the client requirement and field inspection engineers. Irrespective of his location, he is always available to support field inspection engineers for tool troubleshooting or review ILI data.

He demonstrated our company values and contributed exceptionally to the Middle East team.

Last week, Alexandru received the new Gold Award from Fahad Abdulwahab in person as well as virtually by Djaffar Hadji, Middle East Area Manager.

​​​​​​​Congratulations to Alexandru for being of great value for the company!