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The Ultimate Guide to Unpiggable Pipelines

Together with the client, an integrity plan was developed that combined hydrostatic testing, mechanical cleaning, in-line ultrasonic inspection and defect validation. This process was preformed periodically so that corrosion growth could be monitored.

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Papers and presentations

Intelligent pigging of 'unpiggable' offshore pipelines - PTC 2019

Offshore pipelines are often very challenging pipelines to manage, though certainly not less critical than their onshore counterparts. Small leakages can cause environmental consequences significantly larger than similar situations onshore, while at the same time interventions offshore are a lot more difficult to undertake. Read more

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Depth of Cover, is my pipeline at risk ? - PTC 2019

As the years have progressed and technologies have improved, pipelines currently constructed and those built decennia ago are being operated under the same regulations / conditions, but do we really know where they are located and how much material is still above them? Read more

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Advantages of Safe In-Service Tank Inspection - 1st World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics

Utilizing robotics to provide in-service tank inspection has many benefits for the client. A primary benefit is the elimination of risks associated with having personnel enter the confined space while conducting the tank inspection. Another important benefit is the time/cost savings for a client. Robotic inspections for tanks can be completed with the tank full of product. A robotic inspection for a tank can often be completed within 1-3 days.

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Overcoming Corrosion Integrity Management Challenges for Storage Tanks and Associated Pipelines

Managing corrosion integrity for tanks and associated pipelines is a challenging and costly endeavor. In order to inspect tank floors, the tank's hydrocarbons or chemicals are usually emptied from the tank causing the tank to be out-of-service for an extended period of time. In addition to the monetary costs there is also a significantly increased safety risk.

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A Turnkey Project for a Difficult to Inspect Pipelines - Suncor and Unpiggable 2019

The definition of unpiggable pipelines has been discussed numerous times in the industry in technical papers and presentation. Despite this fact, there remains controversy on what is an unpiggable pipeline. As has been noted in the past by the Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI), pipelines are in fact largely “piggable” today. For this reason, the term “Difficult to Inspect” is now widely used. However, it would be remiss to not mention that pipelines
are modified daily in order to accommodate an inspection vehicle. Read more

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Avoiding Modification Costs and Downtime when Inspecting Refinery Heater Coils with oversized Common Headers - Refcomm 2019

Published articles

How can one, as a pipeline operator, ensure that pipelines securely contain their contents at all times?

Pipelines are used to transport large volumes of fluids, some of which are hazardous to people and the environment. Alongside their operational responsibility, the pipeline operators must guarantee public safety. As the global media has evolved over the years, even the smallest incident can lead to massive reputational damage. How can one, as a pipeline operator, ensure that pipelines securely contain their contents at all times?

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Dutch - Pijpleidingen: Go with the Flow

Pijpleidingen zijn voor de Rotterdamse haven wat bloedvaten zijn voor het lichaam: belangrijke transportleidingen, zonder welke er geen leven mogelijk is. En terwijl bloedvaten zorgen voor de aanvoer van voedingsstoffen voor de cellen en de afvoer van afvalstoffen, zorgen de pijpleidingen voor het transport van (ruwe) olie, olieproducten, gas en chemicalien. Niet alleen tussen de bedrijven in de haven onderling, maar ook ver het achterland in, naar bestemmingen in Nederland, Belgie en Duitsland.

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