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Meet our colleagues, their work, their personalities, and their way of living. It's exactly the combination of different specializations and personalities that is making our company. Ensuring that we can offer and deliver the right solutions to our customers.

Get to know Bernardo, Cindy and Bert, and why the like to work at Intero.

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"Exploring the unknown and to be challenged is not just useful for yourself, it inspires others to get the best of themselves." - Bernardo Bolivar.

"Pushing your boundaries.. Getting better every day. Trying to challenge people. 
You’re capable of so much more than you think. I truly believe that." - Cindy Verhoeven, Business Developer. 

“I would like to take it to the max, whatever it is. Working for 15 years at Intero I’ve learned to get the best out of me and follow my passion; working with robust equipment but with precision and care.” – Bert Roelse, Senior Inspection Engineer.

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