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In-Service Robotic Inspection Services

Pipe Explorer and Tank Explorer

Our mission is to provide the data you need about your challenging to inspect assets so that you can make informed integrity decisions

Pipe Explorer Group

In-Service Pipe Inspection with Pipe Explorer


  • Gathers 360 of highly accurate data for every millimeter inspected
  • Industry leading high resolution MFL sensors inspect for internal and external corrosion
  • Laser sensors inspect for dents and mechanical damages
  • Camera records high resolution video to see inside the pipe
  • Navigates pipe features and obstructions
  • No launcher receiver required
  • Can operate in low/no flow gas pipes
  • No risk of speed excursion
  • Inspection range can be increased using inline charging technology


  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce exposure to incidents by up to 68%
  • Create a level of safety beyond mandated standards

Ideal Use Cases:

  • Pipes that cannot be inspected by traditional pipeline inspection
  • Gas pipelines that require live inspection
  • Terminal, facility, and station piping

More details are available here about the Pipe Explorer

Tank Explorer

In-Service Tank Inspection with Tank Explorer


  • Intrinsically safe, API653 tank inspection
  • Differentiates between product and corrosion
  • Measures tank bottom wall thickness
  • Tank bottom settlement survey
  • Video footage in clear fluids
  • UT technology for accurate inspection
  • Collects high quality data
  • Non man entry for safer inspections
  • Over 1000 successful inspections completed since 1997


  • Reduce risk
  • Reduced inspection cost and downtime
  • Tank remains in-service

Ideal Use Cases:

  • In-service tank inspection required
  • Tanks with 10 year regulated inspection
  • Need to eliminate confined space entry risk
  • Reduced time out of service and reduced cost required

More details are available here about the Tank Explorer

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