Online Tank Inspection System (OTIS)

Tanks are designed and manufactured in many different variations for the safe storage of a range of products. We can inspect storage tanks containing high and low flashpoint products such as lube oil, silicone, glycol, water, acetone, benzene, naphtha, methanol, jet fuel, gasoline among others.

Tank floor corrosion. Let our robots get to the bottom of it.

Safe, trusted, certified. Entirely Intero.

Regular tank inspections are required for a number of reasons, including:

  • License to operate
  • Tank integrity assessment
  • Maintenance planning

Our inspections are done according to industry standards, e.g. API-653, and use intrinsically safe equipment where required. In addition, our tank inspections are fast and cost-effective and require no downtime or disruption to your business operations.

We provide tank inspections for:

  • Petro chemical industries
  • Water industries
  • Nuclear industries
  • Airports

Intero Integrity Services’ storage tank inspections will ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of your storage tank, while providing more efficient operations.

We offer skilled personnel, a global reach and the best available equipment to ensure a high quality inspection solution you can trust.

OTIS by Intero. The standard for Online Tank Inspection Service.

Over 1000 storage tanks successfully inspected non man entry since 1997.

OTIS robotic inspection

Our OTIS - The online Tank Robotic Inspection solution. Due to local regulation issues, tanks usually need to be taken out of service for a fixed time period for inspection, without knowing in advance if this is actually necessary. Our OTIS Robotic Tank Bottom Inspection Series provides inspection according to the API 653 standards, which allows you to avoid this fixed time interval.

The autonomous tank bottom inspection device uses UT sensors to detect any variation in thickness of the bottom plate while your tank remains in service.

We are proud to show that our technology is an award winning one

Intero Integrity’s innovative robotic inspection solution have been recognized by the SPRINT Robotics collaborative as a preferred standard solution to be considered for the majority of storage tanks around the world.


The Intero Integrity approach to tank inspection is a well-recognized and trusted method throughout the industry today. Tank owners can significantly reduce the costs of performing API 653 inspections by not having to remove their tanks from service, and by being able to plan out-of-service periods.

The Intero Integrity robotic system is efficient and cost-effective while it:

  • eliminates the high cost of tank downtime.
  • does away with the need for temporary storage.
  • saves you the cost of cleaning.
  • minimizes waste disposal costs.
  • cuts inspection time to days instead of weeks.
  • avoids disruptions in plant operations, keeping revenue constant.
  • reduces environmental risks such as spills and VOC release.
  • improves safety by eliminating confined space entry and personnel exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Our high quality robotic equipment ensures constant, controlled and proven conditions for tank bottom inspections. Robotic equipment is safer than manual inspection, and is unaffected by working conditions. Its advanced, computer-based ultrasonic technique makes data collection more accurate.

Great accuracy

Intero’s patented acoustic navigation system – equipped with navigation pingers on the robot and navigation transducers on the tank shell – is used to pinpoint the robot’s location. Using onboard UT transducers, developed with years of knowledge and expertise from our pipeline inspection services, the robot follows a predetermined digital inspection grid and can collect millions ultrasonic scans of the tank bottom in order to perform computerized data analysis. The robot is equipped with an onboard sonar system to detect objects in the tanks. When operating in clear fluids, we can equip the robot with HD cameras. The navigation allows us to reproduce our inspections in the future to determine corrosion rates with great accuracy.

Our robots can manoeuvre in tanks containing sludge of up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) in depth. We can also equip our robot with cleaning systems using spray nozzles and brushes. This way it simultaneously cleans and inspects the tank bottom, enhancing safety and reducing costs. Cleaning times may vary depending on sludge levels.

Safe and cost-effective

Inspections involving a human presence increase safety and environmental risks, and traditional tank bottom inspection technologies require tanks to be offline during inspection. They must be drained, cleaned, degassed and ventilated – all of which incur significant costs for owners. By using the OTIS robot, the tank bottom inspection takes significantly less time, and is safer and more cost-effective.

Strong track record

We have been developing and deploying innovative online tank robotic inspection services for more than 20 years and has developed a strong track record. With a large fleet of robotic solutions we can choose the best solution for your needs. Through the years we have inspection more than 1000 storage tanks

Many clients worldwide are using our innovative robotic inspection solutions, benefiting from this cost effective and safe alternative, e.g. VOPAK, Shell, DOW, BASF, Exxon Mobile, Marathon Oil.