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Pipeline Integrity Management System

From data to insight to foresight

Intero's Pipeline Integrity Management System

The Solution

In an increasingly complex and competitive market, pipeline owners need to have access to a wide range information – for reliable decision making. Designed and developed by the experts of DMC-1, Pipeline Manager is the most complete set of software products available to ensure operational efficiency, safety and compliance.

With many years’ experience in consulting, engineering and software development DMC-1/Intero is now positioned as a leading software provider for the management of pipeline operations. Founded in 2000, and fully part of Intero Integrity Services. Intero is focusses on Transmission Pipelines transporting Chemical products, Oil and Gas.

Our clients worldwide, small and large pipeline departments use our solution, among them BP, Vopak and Dow Chemical.

A new age in pipeline integrity management

The key objective of a pipeline operator is the economical, reliable and safe transport of products. Achieving this is dependent on the integrity of the pipeline.

In order to guarantee the integrity of their pipeline, operators must be able to manage all outside activities and have to accurately evaluate its technical condition to allow for planning and organization of maintenance and repairs. This means having fast and reliable access to information describing the status of outside influences, environment and condition of the pipeline and the ability to monitor this information in an easy and efficient way.