Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution

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Intero's Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution

What is PRIMS?

Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management Solution (PRIMS) covers all aspects of the pipeline’s life cycle. The system is a complete family of fully compatible software products that can be deployed in in-house installations or used via the fully managed cloud services.

The three key functions – risk management, integrity management and Management of third party activities – provide acquisition and analysis of data and deliver information to support the pipeline operator in ensuring the integrity of their pipeline. This allows owners to comply with regulatory requirements, control risks and ensure the environmental and economic sustainability of their pipeline and, most importantly, ensure the safety of their staff and the public.

Benefits of PRIMS

PRIMS is a system that supports all the key areas of pipeline management, designed to fit in with the daily demands of a pipeline department. Carefully planned interactions between maps, lists and diagrams allow users to view and manage information in the way that best represents their needs.

  • Fast and reliable access to data
  • Designed for easy use, requiring no specialist computing knowledge
  • Management of a wide range of information
  • Factual, technical information about your pipeline’s condition
  • Centralized system for effective sharing of key information
  • Options to evaluate and analyze data
  • Visualize information in a geographical context
  • Reliable delivery of the right information for decision making
  • Take capabilities into the field, especially for management of third party activities

How can PRIMS help you?

  • Improve data consistency in case of pipeline changes
  • Integration and suitable representation of survey data for analysis
  • Provide the capability for pipeline feature analysis and tracking
  • Combine pipeline condition and risk analysis to support decision-making
  • Allow early problem identification due to immediate data checking and analysis
  • Improve communication between stakeholders

Which additional Services are available?

Intero also provides services based on our PRIMS including:

  • XYZ optimization for pipeline positioning
  • ILI implementation and ILI comparison
  • Corrosion Growth Analysis
  • Assessment of corrosion using ASMI B 31 (G) modified, DNV and other
  • Current and Predictive FFP Assessment
  • Full FFP reporting
  • Risk Assessments based on Muehlbauer Methods

Contributing to your success with our innovation

The development of our Products and Services are the result on a long term relationship with our customers. They provide us with a uniquely practical insight into the integrity and availability of pipelines.

PRIMS provides the crucial platform for the sharing of information and expertise that is essential for successful operations in a pipeline management environment that incorporates multiple organizations and geographic locations.