Online tank sludge profiling provides a clear picture of the quantity and distribution of the sludge. While your tank remains in operation, we gather information to design the best possible cleaning program for your installation and calculate the amount of hydrocarbons you can recover.

Acoustic sensor

Intero Integrity Services’ Online Tank Sludge Profiler uses an acoustic sensor, capable of scanning tank contents with the greatest precision. With the data gathered we calculate sludge volume and generate three-dimensional views of the sludge distribution. Our Profiler system measures the tank sludge volume with an accuracy of up to 95%. Accurate tank profiling allows you to decide whether or not to invest further in desludging, cleaning, inspection or maintenance activities.


Intero Integrity Services’ profiler is ATEX-certified which makes it suitable for all types of products. The profiler is inserted into the product through the roof support entry-point or manhole entry without the need for the tank to be emptied. Only a small team of our experts is required, minimizing the number of people on the tank roof. By using our advanced software the survey usually takes only just a day, which makes it fast and cost-efficient.


After processing the raw data we provide you with a clear report with the sludge distribution represented in a 3-D contour map. We calculate the sludge volume for the entire tank in cubic meters or cubic feet and present information on the actual pile height.

No Downtime

Our sludge survey is performed while the tank stays in service so you will experience no or minimal disruption to your tank operations. For optimal profiling the roof should be raised to the maximum height with the mixers turned off.