Pipeline services Testing


Whether it’s a newly constructed or existing pipeline, our independent, reliable testing personnel, can provide validation, using our fit-for-purpose, advanced tools and techniques adapted to your installation’s specifications. We provide satisfactory proof, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, of the safety and reliability of your pipelines and systems.

Why use Intero Integrity Services system and pipeline testing?

  • Highly experienced, reliable and independent personnel.
  • Wide range of pumping equipment for various flow and test pressure ratings.
  • Wide range of instrumentation including, analog, digital, automated, registration.
  • Wide range of certified and controlled test-heads and hoses.
  • Wide range of blind flanges, spectacles, spade flanges.
  • Wide range of filtration units for various density and flow ratings
  • Inhibitors available for almost all purposes.
  • Wide range of pigs available on stock – no waiting time.
  • Additional services, such as drying, bolting, commissioning, pigging, can be offered on site using the same crew.

For pipeline and system validation, there are three main areas of testing:

  • Tightness test – to prove your system is tight and leak-proof
  • Strength test – to ensure your system is strong enough to hold up under intense pressure and will not collapse
  • Stress test – to register the actual SMYS in a system and by repeating this over time, integrity can be monitored.

Intero Integrity Services offers three methods of system and pipeline testing to achieve these goals: