Intero employees having a conversation training

Training & Development

Intero Integrity Services is dedicated to a holistic approach to pipeline inspection. Our training and technology center offers a range of benefits for the oil and gas pipeline industry. Our flexible, well-designed facilities encourage the development of new technologies, equipment, tool manufacturing and education. The site also contains one of the world’s largest test loop facilities for practical pigging training and tool testing.

Training center

As part of our Inspection Services division, our training center was designed and constructed for the education and development of our own and our client’s staff. The center is fully equipped to facilitate the design, assembly and storage of our high-tech tools and equipment, including sophisticated integrity management systems, robotic inspection tools and powerful high-pressure, high-volume nitrogen equipment. At the center, we are focused on:

  • Development of new (inspection) technologies
  • Design and engineering of high-tech inspection equipment, including procedures and training
  • Development and maintenance of software for new and existing inspection equipment
  • Manufacturing of equipment
  • Support to operational units
  • Training and qualification of our own and our client’s staff.

Through our training center, we ensure all personnel are well informed and trained in accordance with the latest developments in technology and safety. This includes:

  • Safety certifications and work permits
  • In-line inspection operation and data analyst level I, II and III (ANSI/ANT-PQ-2005)
  • Practical pigging operation

Test facilities

Our test loop facility provides our clients with the unique and valuable opportunity to test their tools and inspection services before implementing them in the field. Our training and technology center is accompanied by three 200m long test loops with 4-inch, 6-inch and 12-inch diameters. The test loops are water powered and have been purpose-designed to allow spools of many different configurations of geometry and diameter, to be inserted. It is one of the few available test loop facilities of it’s kind in the world and allows spools with machined or actual defects to be performance tested and our skilled staff to be comprehensively trained. In addition, our clients have the opportunity to see first-hand, what can be achieved using our inspection equipment.

Test facility

Training courses

Our training and technology facilities are available for use by outside organizations and are fully equipped with all the requirements for running a successful training course. Whatever your course style or requirements, contact us to discuss how we can work together to make it a success.

"The sharing of knowledge has benefits for both parties, for Intero and for our customers. When we increase the knowledge of the customer, we are better partners to each other. We also hear what our customers are doing and what questions and needs lie with them.” Niek Bruijnesteijn, Pipeline Inspection Services, Intero Integrity

“As a business unit manager, I felt it was important to take part. If you have first-hand experience you understand more what you are talking about and can make better judgment in conversations with a customer. It was also good for team building within the company. There is much more to pigging than you can realize sitting behind your desk.”
Arno van den Hurk, Pipeline Engineer, Shell