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Inspection Services

Much oil & gas production equipment is difficult to inspect, and even more difficult to clean. Each pipeline is unique, and standard technologies don’t always work. Pipelines can have complex geometries with no access points, and cleaning pigs can become stuck. Heaters can have small diameters, steep bends and plugged headers. Tank storage capacities can be reduced by accumulated sludge, and accurate estimates of remaining tank bottom lifetimes can be difficult.

We have a range of techniques for even the most difficult to inspect oil & gas pipelines, heater tubes and tanks. Our Explorer robots perform Ultrasonic (UT) and Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) In-Line Inspection (ILI). These bring live video images with high-resolution data collection of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines as well as liquid terminals and facilities. That greatly reduces the number of unnecessary dig ups and repairs, gives accurate remaining life and fit-for-service assessments, and allows longer intervals between repairs. Online tank-bottom assessment for corrosion and settling avoids the need to remove the tank from operation, improves safety of personnel, and reduces cleaning costs.

A single contractor simplifies everything

Our services include:

  • UT In-Line Inspection (Pipeline and Heater Surveyor ) and robotic tank inspection (Tank Explorer)
  • Robotic In-Line MFL Inspection (Pipe Explorer)
  • Final Flowing Pressure (FFP) assessment
  • Pipeline data management
  • Installation launchers/receivers
  • Cleaning, pig tracking, and pump and storage capacity assessments.