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PM - cathodic protection survey

Pipeline Management

We’re all about maintaining high integrity levels of your pipelines. Our ability to prevent incidents, injuries, soil contamination, detect emissions, and detect corrosion is second to none. We seek out the challenges to guarantee your safety and reputation while protecting the environment. As a key part of our company, Intero - The Sniffers performs pipeline integrity surveys and advises pipeline owners to keep all pipelines fit for purpose.

Through pipeline localization and inspections, corrosion surveys, and leak detection with dogs; we’ve got your buried pipelines covered. These surveys, combined with cloud-based Pipeline Risk and Integrity Management Solution PRIMS are what differentiate us.

With greater insight and more accurate decision-making through PRIMS, we can collect the data that presents the characteristics of your pipeline in an easy to understand, transparent way. Creating Fit For Purpose reports, any inquiries from authorities, or details to anomalies can be made available in an instant. We’re experts in compliance, effortlessly efficient, and cost-effective. Pipeline integrity is everything.

PM - Pipeline leak detection with dogs 2

Pipeline integrity is everything.

From pipeline localization and inspections, and corrosion surveys, to leak detection with trained dogs; we’ve got your buried pipelines covered.