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Environmental Services

We are the contributors to a better environment. As a key part of our company, Intero - The Sniffers combines global field emission measurements with expert knowledge and advice. With cloud-based SFEMP we enable significant reductions in emissions while driving your environmental ambitions forward.

Through leak detection and quantification directly at the source and on site-level from well to market, we’ve got your emissions covered. Our aim is to detect emissions and produce credible and compliant emission reports, audits, and training.

Intero - The Sniffers combines field activities with expert analysis. Our emission management software application SFEMP also means our service remains unparalleled.

ENV - Leak tag fugitive emissions survey

Leak detection. Environment protection.

We continue building on our commitment to protecting the environment. This stretches back to the founding of Intero - The Sniffers by using trained dogs to detect leaks in chemical installations.