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Unpiggable MFL Robotic Inline Inspection

Advanced Pipe Explorer Robotics Technology Makes Every Pipeline Accessible

Self-propelled, remotely-controlled, and fully-articulated, Pipe Explorer goes where most cannot. With a minimal footprint, the ability to operate in active pipelines, and by collecting multipoint data in one pass, Pipe Explorer is the standard against which all others should be compared.

Our fleet of Pipe Explorer advanced robots are at the heart of the value we bring our customers. Fully-articulated and tetherless, Pipe Explorer provides comprehensive data that is comparable if not superior to more conventional pipeline inspection methods, enabling visual and non-destructive inspection with multipoint data collection of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines as well as liquid terminals, facilities, and stations regardless of the difficulty of the location or complexity of the pipeline.

Illustration explorer group
Illustration explorer group

How MFL Robotic Inspections Work

Throughout the inline inspection process, live video images of the pipeline and integrity data are streamed to both Intero and pipeline operators. These functions are performed without the need of a tether and without any interruption to local natural gas services. For liquid pipeline inspection, the pipes must be cleaned and emptied prior to inspection.

Step 1

Pipeline operator welds a hot tap fitting to the pipeline.

Step 2

Pipe Explorer launch tube is secured to an industry-standard sandwich valve.

Step 3

Intero operator launches Pipe Explorer into the pipeline, conducts the inspection, and retrieves the robot through the same hot tap (or a second hot tap if one is installed).

Pipe Explorer South Korea project
Pipe Explorer

Why Choose Pipe Explorer?

Learn about the benefits of a Pipe Explorer MFL robotic inspection for unpiggable pipes to get the best quality, multipoint data about imminent threats so that you can make informed decisions that keep your assets and customers safe.

The Benefits of Choosing Pipe Explorer for In-Service Gas Pipeline Inspection

The Benefits of Choosing Pipe Explorer for Out of Service Liquid Pipeline Inspection