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Our vision & mission

Our view of the world and the industry’s place in it

The world is increasingly concerned with the big issues facing businesses: looking after employees, reducing waste, protecting natural resources, giving back to society. The oil and gas sector has its part to play in this ‘energy transition’ phase, focusing on extending the life of assets, safe operation, resource optimization, and better predictability of operations. Within this, transportation, storage and process installations are all key factors.

What really matters is on the inside. We know your space.

What’s important to our clients

The leading energy operators are increasingly sophisticated, not only in their approach to productivity, but also in their ambitions towards commercial and environmental sustainability. They have raised the bar for suppliers, who cannot simply rely on being available to do the job. They must show they are fully dedicated to providing added value to the industry and understanding how they can contribute to their clients’ futures. Commercial know how and understanding the continually evolving forces shaping our world are essential. How we fit into the world and our clients’ needs.

Our special position

Intero will position itself strongly to respond to these demands with a unique, value-adding approach: optimizing workable space.

We ensure maximum performance, maximum protection, maximum predictability. That's Intero.

Our vision is to be the global leader in innovative industrial and inspection services that support the energy industry in its quest to optimize asset space efficiently, utilize natural resources responsibly, and maximize safety constantly.

Our mission

We are the leading specialists for keeping oil, gas and petrochemical facilities clean, safe, well maintained and highly productive. As the go-to party anywhere in the world for complex pipeline & infrastructure challenges, our industrial & inspection services continue to set the gold standard.

We deliver the right solutions, whenever & wherever they’re needed, to maximize asset availability. Turnkey. Innovative.
Optimized. We know our customers’ space, and we care passionately about our environment.

We are constantly listening to customers, continuously striving for excellence and believe wholeheartedly in flexibility.
Because it’s in our nature.