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Why LDAR is more than holding a camera for Shell Deutschland

Shell Deutschland GmbH noticed an increase of VOC emissions in one of their refineries. In this case study, they share why LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) is more than just holding an Optical Gas Imaging camera.

The pilot

"Our Monitoring Team noticed an increase of VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds) in one of our refineries. Being a responsible operator, we wanted to locate the exact sources. Our expert group therefore started looking for a partner specialized in leak detection. Since Intero - The Sniffers was already a recommended service provider within Shell, we decided to contact them" says Mr. Jan-Oliver Schwarzlose, Emission Specialist at Shell Deutschland GmbH.

Shell decided to start with a pilot project back in 2018 to locate the sources.

The pilot project went very well and we were able to close relevant leakers.
Schwarzlose, Emission Specialist at Shell Deutschland GmbH

LDAR is the standard

After the initial pilot project and the positive results, they decided to execute a full LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) campaign for both facilities of the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park – Rheinland.

"A dedicated LDAR (Leak Detection And Repair) program is obligatory within Shell and refineries are no exception. Since we were pleased with how the pilot project went and since Intero - The Sniffers was already familiar with the sites, the decision to contact them again was quickly made."

LDAR is more than just holding a camera

According to Mr. Schwarzlose, LDAR is more than just holding a camera. "It is the credibility of third party emission figures towards stakeholders, the expertise, and in-depth reporting that make a difference."

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