New Inside Intero Episodes Now Streaming!

We are delighted to announce the completion and release of the latest episodes in our "Inside Intero" video series. Filmed in the diverse landscapes of Canada, these episodes beautifully capture both the vibrant urban setting of Downtown Toronto and the magnificent natural surroundings just beyond the city.

This series features the remarkable talents of Michael Matak and Rebecca Abdel-Malik. Michael, a distinguished athlete known for his participation in last year's World Championship Ironman, brings his remarkable dedication and resilience to the screen. His ongoing training journey offers a source of motivation and inspiration. Rebecca shares her unique and fascinating hobby of beekeeping, taking us to her family farm to explore the intricate world of bees and the process of creating her exceptional, locally-produced honey.

We are thrilled to make these new episodes available. 

Special thanks to Michael and Rebecca for their outstanding contributions and for sharing their passions with us in these videos.

Happy viewing!

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