Intensive ILI Training in Taiwan

As part of a two-year contract of inspecting several challenging pipelines, we were asked to facilitate an intensive inline inspection training for 23 trainees of our client, CPC, with help of our agent, GIE Asia. Our colleagues Niek Bruijnesteijn and Bert Roelse traveled to Taiwan for 7 weeks (including quarantine) to provide this training.

During this time, the trainees learned all the ins and outs of Inline Inspection. The theoretical part: Ultrasonic, Electronics, Procedures and Checklists; as well as the practical: project phases from measuring the markers to reading the data from the tool and interpretation of the final report.

Some of the trainees were office-based personnel. Inline Inspection was relatively new to them and, for the first time, they were confronted with the complexity of pigging and inline inspection. Fortunately, the structured and disciplined training could be completed in 4 weeks, with 8 successful inline inspections performed by the trainees on the test loop as a showcase of their newly developed knowledge.

All the 23 trainees graduated their first training. Now it’s up to them to gain the work experience they need. In future projects, the trainees will be supervised and assessed by our experienced ILI-2 certified engineers on site to put their current training in practice.

Over the next two years, the trainees will gradually gain experience and become proficient in running the tools. By then - those that prove their capabilities and gain enough practical experience will earn their ILI Level-I certificate!

Congratulations to the team for completing this first step to become experienced ILI engineers. Appreciation goes to our partner, GIE, in Taiwan for the local arrangements and support. Also, many thanks to Niek and Bert, and the flexibility of their families, for making this training possible.

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