Explorer 16 BLACK CMYK 2022

Pipe Explorer compatible with Mueller Fittings

Pipe Explorer is known for providing certainty and reducing risk in unpiggable gas pipes by entering and exiting via a hot tap fitting to conduct robotic inline inspection.

Since last year, our Pipe Explorer is compatible with Mueller bottom-out fittings. Compatibility includes 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch sizes.

Benefits for Pipeline Operators Include

  • Existing Mueller fittings can be utilized without new capital expenditures to install fittings
  • Pipeline operators who prefer to use Mueller fittings and associated tapping equipment can readily enjoy the benefits of Pipe Explorer

We Value Input From Our Clients

This expanded capability is a direct result of listening to the needs of our clients and aligns with our mission to ensure that we can be part of reducing risk in more unpiggable pipes to achieve higher certainty and safety.

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