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Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is typically used to remove deposits like scale, corrosion, waxes, paraffin and asphalting sediments in pipelines and may be required when conventional pigging methods are unsuitable or insufficient.

What really matters is on the inside.

Our innovative chemical cleaning solutions make your assets shine.

Chemical cleaning is also widely used for commissioning and decommissioning of pipelines and systems, to increase productivity and efficiency, to improve inspection results and to maintain the quality of the product. Often solvents and/or surfactant based cleaning chemicals, combined with conventional pigging techniques will have the most effective outcome.

It is vital to seek professional advice and assistance when considering chemical cleaning work. Wrong procedures and / or applications can have major safety implications and lead to irreversible and costly damage to the system. Intero Integrity Services have the specialized equipment, experienced, knowledgeable personnel and the necessary permits to carry out this work.

The type of chemical(s), the strength, contact time and overall procedure will be determined by the particular circumstances and will differ from one situation to the next. We offer a broad range of chemical cleaning services for pipeline and process systems and will find a solution to suit your system requirements.

A professional, cost-effective, environmentally sound cleaning solution.

After assessing and analyzing a particular project, our chemical cleaning expert will establish a suitable method and the chemicals to yield a cost-effective cleaning solution that will optimize results with minimal environmental impact regarding waste. Our cleaning method includes:

  • Collecting a sample of the contamination for analysis and suitability
  • The physical characteristics of the equipment to be cleaned are gathered and analyzed to determine the most suitable cleaning method
  • Availability of utilities (water, power, steam etc.) are assessed
  • Safety and environmental assessment is carried out
  • Project requirements calculated with all costs included for the client
  • A written procedure for execution of the project including planning and time.

Intero Integrity Services uses new chemical cleaning technologies to improve the cleaning operations of oil and gas pipelines. These new products are highly concentrated blends of biodegradable surfactants and synthetic solvents capable of wetting and removing the most tenacious deposits encountered in oil and gas pipelines.

The majority of the solvents/chemicals we use are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, with minimal waste disposal costs.