Corrosion protection

We offer a number of specialized techniques and procedures to minimize and protect your pipeline or system from internal and external corrosion.

Flange encapsulation

The flange encapsulation technique is used to fill cavities using a specially developed resin mixture that protects metals against corrosion. Other products have the disadvantage of containing holding cavities, which, in time, will fill with rainwater or melt from the heat of the sun. In contrast to protecting the pipeline, these wrappings and fatty products can cause further corrosion, which is often even more aggressive. Our highly advanced products are balanced in such a way that during the curing process, the volume increases 1-3% causing a tight closure, but the resin remains flexible. Water cannot penetrate and there are no cavities that can hold water

Our highly effective, patented encapsulation resin can be used for a range of purposes. The most common use is for filling the cavity between two flanges, including the bolt holes. To do this, the cavity is put under a vacuum and the encapsulation product sucked into it. This procedure guarantees a 100% fill.

Advantages of the vacuum filling technique include:

  • Connection is protected from corrosion (including, stud bolts, flanges, nuts)
  • Resonance of the flange connections will be lowered, reducing noise impact in installations.
  • Flanges can be dismantled at a later stage, bolts will be in new condition over the parts that were in the resin mixture.

Cathodic protection

This involves development, engineering, upgrading advise, delivery, monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems.

Intelligent pigging

A non-destructive method of obtaining information about the inside of a pipeline or system. It involves the use of intelligent pigs and ultrasound technology to identify details of corrosion points. See more about Intelligent pigging here.

Caliper pigging

Caliper pigging measures the internal geometry of pipelines to establish dents, ovalities and foreign objects in the pipeline. Caliper pigging can be executed together with other services as required, for example in the drying phase of pre-commissioning or as a single service.

Sour treatment for rust removal

This method involves the removal of internal corrosion specifically for pipelines that need to be perfectly clean, such as oxygen and hydrogen transport lines.