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Reach your environmental targets

We develop multi-year environmental programs to help you comply with (upcoming) regulations and sustainably reduce emissions year after year.

Whether we propose robust methodologies or risk-based inspection approaches, we only advise BAT (Best Available Techniques).

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LDAR programs

We have been executing LDAR surveys worldwide for over 30 years. Capture and reduce fugitive or unintended emissions to meet regulatory requirements. We support you from defining the scope of work to delivering compliant LDAR reports.
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OGMP roadmaps / EU Methane Regulation

Our experts assess your current emission situation and identify possible gaps. We create customized multi-year OGMP roadmaps towards the Gold Standard, This also applies to the upcoming EU Methane Regulation, which OGMP builds upon.
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Pilot projects

We run pilot projects together with clients to thoroughly test new technologies to measure and quantify emissions.