Heater services

The so called second generation Heater Surveyor is for the inspection of heater tubes, whether they are smooth, studded or finned. Intero Integrity Services designed Heater Surveyor is an intelligent free swimming tool that is capable of inspecting the tubes and bends of the heater, with a minimum impact on shutdown time.

Our multi-disciplinary teams ensure a one-stop-shop.

Prior to a heater/furnace inspection it is essential to clean the heater thoroughly to remove all the cokes in order for the ultrasound to penetrate the pipe wall. The proven Decoking Technology (HDT) provides excellent cleaning results. When combined with Heater Surveyor inspection technology, it is possible to guarantee the cleanliness of the heater tubes.

High quality cleaning and inspection contributes to the integrity of the heater, resulting in minimal shutdown time. Regular cleaning and inspection increases the reliability and continuity of your heater and knowing the remaining wall thickness of the heater tubes can also lengthen their lifecycle and prevent unwanted shutdowns.

A-scan data
The compact, lightweight, modular design of the Heater Surveyor allows a user-friendly, high performance, ultrasonic inspection of heater tubes and bends with all ultrasonic measurements stored internally. The storage of the raw A-scan data enables highly accurate and reliable data analysis. The final report is presented the day after the inspection when the results of the cleaning, if needed, and minimum wall thickness per tube are presented. The report contains a brief overview in graphical and tabular format linked to the heater layout as well as detailed C-scan graphics for each tube.The Heater Surveyor is typically configured with:

  • Disk for sealing and centralization (3" to 8")
  • Surveyor UT-sensor body with fixed transducers
  • Onboard data storage (A-scan)
  • Flexible couplings for passing bends.

Why use Intero Heater Surveyor:

  • Inspection time has minimum impact on shutdown time.
  • Passing bend radii ≥ 1.0 D (smaller on request).
  • Bi-directional, compact, lightweight, modular design.
  • In-house developed, tested and operated.
  • Reporting within 24 hours.
  • Reporting conforms to API579, ASME FSS-1/2007.
  • Reporting and inspection executed by qualified NDT specialist.
  • Storage of raw A-scan data to enable accurate and reliable data analysis.
  • C-scan of full furnace in report.
  • Corrosion growth comparison capabilities.
  • Ability to modify the tool for specific situations.