Engineer leak testing

Helium leak testing

Ensuring your process system is completely leak tight will guarantee performance and reliability and can potentially save lives. Investing in a high quality helium leak test is a simple and non-destructive process that will detect and quantify leaks in process installations, allowing swift remedial action to be taken ahead of start-up. An investment in safety.

Essential to the operation of liquid and gas processing systems is the knowledge that the plant is in a safe, leak-free and reliable operating condition. With the ever increasing demands and complexity of ageing processing plants, the handling of highly flammable fluids and toxic gasses at high pressures requires the need for stringent safety standards. To comply with these standards, as well as ensure a problem-free start-up, leaks need to be located and remedial actions taken.

We offer high quality helium leak testing performed by experienced staff who are trained in accordance with industry standards. We guarantee your system is safe, leak-tight and in the best possible condition prior to the commencement of operations.