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Intero decoking technology

Regular cleaning and inspection of heaters increases reliability and continuity. Knowing the remaining wall thickness of the tubes gives you control of the life-cycle of the heaters/furnaces and prevents unexpected shutdowns. Intero Integrity Services’ heater decoking solutions are based on advanced pigging technology to remove cokes and scale without eroding the heater tubes. With our services we minimize shutdown time and reduce environmental emissions.

One of the major challenges plant operators are facing is the continuous build-up of coke deposits along the inner wall of heater tubes. Without service and maintenance, these coke layers grow in thickness, restricting flow of process fluids and increase pressure across the heater. In addition, coke deposits act as an insulator, reducing heat transfer from the tube to the process fluid. This results in reduced heater efficiency and higher operational costs.

Heater decoking offers you:

  • Increased profitability
  • Lower production costs
  • Increased furnace capacity
  • Increased heat exchange
  • Increased flow
  • Reduced hotspots
  • Longer tube life
  • Lower differential pressure
  • Decreased energy consumption

Over the years we have successfully executed numerous heater decoking projects. Based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we have developed a superior decoking service that will safely and reliably remove coke deposits from heaters/furnaces.

When combining our heater decoking services with our Heater Surveyor inspection technology, we can guarantee the cleanliness of the heater tubes by performing a Coke scan. During the cleaning, verification runs are used to demonstrate the cleanliness of the tubes in order to optimize the decoking process and reducing decoking time. After the cleaning has been completed, we can run our Heater Surveyor that will provide you with the remaining wall thickness of the heater tubes and the integrity of the heater. Combining our cleaning and inspection services minimizes shutdown time, reduces unplanned stops and optimizes performance of your heaters.