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Buried oil and gas pipeline

Pipeline integrity is everything.

The two main reasons for incidents and disruption of continuous supply remain excavation damage to the pipeline and corrosion of the steel pipes. Detecting leaks at an early stage is thus crucial to guarantee your pipeline infrastructure remains operational and is in optimal condition. Anticipate excavation damage and corrosion by detecting leaks in buried pipelines early.

Intero - The Sniffers schedule a periodic leak detection run with the best available techniques. Not only to fulfill your legal obligations but also to evaluate your pipeline’s condition. This will help you make the right decisions for future investments.

PM - Pipeline leak detection on foot

Pipeline leak detection on foot

PM - Gas pipeline leak detection by car 2

Pipeline leak detection by car

PM - Pipeline leak detection with dogs 5

Pipeline leak detection with sniffing dogs

Extend the lifespan of your pipelines

Detect leaks at an early stage and secure the quality and continuity of your pipeline infrastructure.

Minimize risks

Create an incident-free pipeline environment and ensure the safety of third parties and your team.

Fast interventions and reporting

Fast interventions and reporting are crucial when leaks are detected and to set priorities for the repair team.
PM - Leak detection dog