C0 A8155

Turnkey Solutions for Well Integrity

Intero's Well Surveyor utilizes cutting-edge ultrasonic techniques for meticulous defect identification and measurement. Our advanced technology ensures ultra-detailed data with unmatched anomaly measurement precision.

With immediate field feedback, we minimize operational halts by identifying potential challenges within your well pipes. Our detectors provide accurate wall thickness insights, enabling detailed corrosion evaluation down to a minimal wall thickness of 1 mm.

Experience swift survey speeds, minimizing interruptions and boosting output efficiency. Our comprehensive data analysis equips you with insights for safe well casing use.

Intero Well Surveyor data

High Quality Data

Reliable Inspections

Minimum downtime

Professional Turnkey Project Management

C0 A8082

Precision, efficiency, and safety

Gain insights into meticulous defect identification, anomaly measurement precision, and swift survey speeds. Elevate your operations with Intero's Well Surveyor.

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