Who we are

Intero Integrity Services is the world’s only inspection and industrial services specialist to combine innovative technologies, critical insights, state-of-the-art equipment and advanced data management with a streamlined project approach.

We are an agile company with a sizable backing and an enhanced management team dedicated to redefining asset performance. With Intero, you can significantly increase the lifetime and performance of your assets and installations.

We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative inspection, data management and industrial services. We have the have the capabilities to bundles these services to unique integrated cost effective solutions you need. With our inspection and data management services we know how to analyze the integrity of your assets to insightful effect. With our industrial services we know how to reduce project risks and increase profitability and reliability of your operations. With our unique integrated package of services we know what makes your projects run smoother.

In short, we know your space.

Today’s commercial world has big concerns to address. Staffing and HR issues. Waste reduction. Protecting our natural resources. Corporate social responsibility. The list goes on. And, today more than ever, commercial viability has never played such an important part in the energy industry.

The oil and gas sector has its part to play in this “energy transition” phase. Giving your business the competitive edge relies on the ability to extend the life of your assets, further optimizing your resources and ensuring greater predictability of your operational outcomes. Especially in the key areas of transportation, storage and process installations.

Intero is passionate and committed to helping industry leaders optimize the workable space in these areas.